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June 1 - Armée du Nord Dispositions

  • 1st Corps, d’Erlon headquartered at Valenciennes
    • 1st Division west of Valenciennes
    • 2nd Division at Lille
    • 3rd and 4th Divisions and 1st Cavalry Division at Valenciennes
  • 2nd Corps, Reille headquartered at Avesnes
    • 5th Division and 2nd Cavalry Division north of Maubeuge
    • 6th, 7th, and 9th Divisions east of Maubeuge
  • 3rd Corps, Vandamme headquartered at Mézières
    • 8th Division at Trélon
    • 10th Division at Mariembourg
    • 11th Division at Chimay
    • 3rd Cavalry Division at Philippeville
  • 4th Corps, Gérard headquartered at Metz
    • 12th Division at Thionville
    • 13th Division and 7th Cavalry Division at Metz
    • 14th Division at Fontoy
  • 6th Corps, Lobau was in Paris
    • 19th Division at Guise
    • 20th Division at Laon
    • 21st Division dispersed along the Somme
  • Imperial Guard, Drouot  (major général de la garde) was in Paris
    • Old Guard at Paris
    • 1st Regiments of Tirailleurs and Voltigeurs at Compiègne
    • 2nd Regiments of Tirailleurs and Voltigeurs in the Vendée
    • 3rd Regiments of Tirailleurs and Voltigeurs at Paris
    • Heavy and Light Cavalry divisions in Paris

Maréchal Mortier, duc de Trevise, was the nominal commander of the Guard.  Drouot was the chief of staff of the Guard who Napoleon issued orders through.  It is clear that the Guard was under Napoleon’s personal command.  Mortier bowed out of the campaign prior to the commencement of hostilities… his name is present on only a handful of letters from 1815.