Timeline of The Waterloo Campaign

  • May 9

    Soult Appointed Major-Général

    Napoleon to Davout
    Paris, May 9, 1815. Our cousin, Marshal Soult, duc de...
  • May 10

    The Traitors

    On May 10, d’Erlon would write to Donzelot: J’ai cru...
  • May 20

    The Initial Plans

    On May 20, Napoleon dictated nine pages of notes to...
  • May 25

    Soult orders Gérard to prepare 4th Corps

    Soult to Gérard
    I am writing to you on the subject of General...
  • May 29

    The Plan’s Revealed?

    Napoleon had clearly begun to consider bringing Gérard to the...
  • May 31

    Separating Wellington and Blücher

    Hobhouse wrote in his diary for May 31: Called [on]...
  • June 1

    Armée du Nord Dispositions

    1st Corps, d’Erlon headquartered at Valenciennes 1st Division west of...
  • June 1

    Allied Dispositions

      The eventual Prussian concentration orders are shown. Clausewitz summarized...
  • June 3

    Plan to bring Gérard to Philippeville

    Napoleon to Soult
    Paris, 3 June 1815. Submit to me a plan of...
  • June 3

    Napoleon’s orders for the Guard to depart Paris

    Napoleon to Drouot
    You will send tomorrow, the 4th, and at the latest,...
  • June 4

    Soult’s Report about Army Disposition for June 12 including Gérard

    Soult to Napoleon
    In accordance with the orders of Your Majesty, I have...
  • June 4

    Soult’s Report about Army Strength

    Soult to Napoleon
    Rapport à l’Empereur. Paris, le 4 Juin ——— 1815. Sire,...
  • June 5

    The Campaign Begins

    Soult to Gérard
    When did the Waterloo Campaign begin?  There is no definitive...
  • June 10

    The Two Orders

    Illustration by BatteryRose
  • June 12

    Where is Soult?

    Illustration by BatteryRose