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June 12 - Orders for Lobau!

Soult’s draft numbered 2 were orders to Lobau:

To Comte Lobau, the 6th Corps that he commands will establish itself in front of Avesnes and will occupy the towns of Dimont, Dimechaux, Vatignies, Choisy, Aubrechin, Ferrière la Petite, Damousies, Beaufort, Lataibes, Lisemont, and Fontaines. The General headquarters in Beaufort.

Soult has moved 6th Corps to the west.   This is consistent with the Mons order in that 6th Corps is north of Avesnes and has vacated Avesnes for the Imperial Guard.  Likewise, it has moved away from Solre le Chateau where Grouchy will be ordered to make his headquarters with the four Reserve Cavalry Corps arranged in its environs.