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June 3 - Plan to bring Gérard to Philippeville

Paris, 3 June 1815.

Submit to me a plan of movement for General Gérard’s corps, de le Moselle, concealing it as much as possible from the enemy, for this corps to march on Philippeville. It must be there on the 12th, marching as quickly as possible. You will inform me who will be commanding then in Metz and in Nancy. You will give immediate orders to interrupt all communications, and all posts will be reinforced. Thionville, Longwy, Metz, etc.

Inform me of the status of the National Guard in Nancy, and if this division is able to march to cover Metz and replace the division of the Moselle. The enemy is seriously threatening us from the side of Metz, this division will be supported by the Vosges, which will support the left of General Rapp.

My Guard will all be in Soissons on the 10th, and perhaps in Avesnes on the 13th; the 6th corps must therefore leave on the 9th to go to Avesnes. Give me a sketch tracing the march of the columns, and that shows the days when the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th corps and that of the Moselle will begin to move, and the positions that, on the 13th, these corps, as well as the Guard and the cavalry reserves, must occupy, and the forces that I will then have in infantry, cavalry and artillery.

Report to me on the overall condition of the corps of the Armée du Nord, the Moselle, the Rhin and the Jura, as well as the organization of all of the reserve and national guard divisions, and the composition of all of the garrisons.

Correspondance Napoléon, 22005, 39937